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Re: apache-ssl and php3/4

Helge Kreutzmann said:

>> Raise your hand if you
>> A:  Have gotten php3/4 working on Alpha using existing .deb packages

I have an AlphaStation 500 (a Brett masquerading as an Alcor). It followed
Woody from testing into stable, and I recently promoted it to follow
testing directly (by removing hundreds of packages I didn't need any more,
changing the default branch, and doing a dist-upgrade).

To get PHP4 running, all I did was install the .deb's on top of what I
already had:

ii  apache         1.3.26-1.1
ii  apache-common  1.3.26-1.1
ii  apache-ssl
ii  libapache-mod- 1.26-4
ii  php4           4.1.2-6
ii  php4-mysql     4.1.2-6
ii  php4-pear      4.1.2-6

And made sure I had the line in both of my httpd.conf's:
LoadModule php4_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/libphp4.so

When Doug sent out the note about shared memory requirements, I checked
and my system (custom kernel 2.4.20) already had shmmax high enough.

I also have one incantation of libnss:
ii  libnss3        2:1.0.0-0.woody.1

I'd be happy to offer other information about the system since it's been
working fine...


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