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apache-ssl and php3/4

Hi, I've been trying using Apache-SSL 1.3.26 on an XL300 and want to try playing with some php apps (phpgroupware.) When I install the various php debs using apt-get, I find that apache-sslconfig does not recognize the php3 module. This is on both Woody and Testing, with a 2.2.x Kernel. When I change the relevant LoadModule line in /etc/apache-ssl/httpd.conf, apache-ssl fails to start, and reports that loading modules fails. Docs seem a bit sparse for Alpha, so I wonder if I'm either missing something on php, or if the apache-ssl stuff is not happy, and I expected the auto config to catch it. Anyone have any ideas? (The same thing happens with non-secure apache.) TIA for suggestions. Phil Mendelsohn
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