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Re: up2000 too big for most cases?

wow, thanks for the reply.

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 10:34:43AM +0200, T. Weyergraf wrote:
> Hi,
> > i'm getting a up2000, and i've got my eye on a coolermaster 200 case. are
> > the big slot b modules a problem? will it fit in any midsize atx case?
> no, most likely it will *not* fit in a standard case. The UP2000 comes in a full-size
> ( extended ) ATX formfactor, which is supported by most server-type cases.
> Unfortunately, the slot-B's are cooled by two fans each, which extend over the
> edge of the mainboard, thus making it larger than EATX form-factor. You could
> buy a case, which supports EATX formfactor in width, but supports boards, which are
> a little "deeper" than EATX.
> However, another issue is involved. The Slot-B modules are *very* heavy. A Slot-B
> module weighs about 2 pounds. In order to prevent mechanical damage to the
> mainboard, each slot-B Module in supported by 4 stand-offs, which are fixed by
> screws. The "drill-template" of these stand-offs is not part of *any* ATX specification.
> Therefore, if you vuy a standard ATX case, you'll most likely miss the holes necessary
> for the Slot-B standoffs.

yup, drill time.

> I had the same problem with my UP2000, which i fitted in a 19" inch 8U case. I had
> to drill the additional holes and cut parts of the case ( for the Slot-B cooling fans ).
> It can be done with some mechanical effort and i strongly encourage you to do so in
> order to get a mechanically stable system. Don't even think of using the UP2000 without
> the proper mechanical Slot-B standoffs.
> Even worse, the UP2000 requires additional power-lines, besides the normal ATX connection.

i'll have to check my up2000 pdf. i have it on my machine at work. api's
site is gone now, so i can't get it. :/ the auction i won on ebay includes a
600watt psu. how many extra lines are there? are they regular 5v and 12v? i
suspect the 600 watt supply in the auction is designed for a up2000. i
haven't even seen 600 watt supplies sold anywhere.

> API's website has gone offline, but i have been told, there is a "backup" at linuxalpha.org
> Check there for the UP2000 user guide PDF, which shows all necessary details.

thanks. still sad that alpha's been killed. strange, alphalinux.org and
linuxalpha.org are both down.

> In case you can't find the docs, send me a mail. Obviously, i have a copy of these, which 
> i could send you.

i've got them at work. thanks, though.

> While were at it: You asked recently, if the onboard Adaptec works. It does, using a
> recent firmware, which should be standard an all UP2000 models, even work as a boot-device.
> My UP2000 is well over three years old and was one of the very first being sold ( and let me
> tell you, I'm very happy with it ). You are definitly not required to purchase any LSI/Symbios Logic
> controller.

actually, i was just curious which was better for use under linux, since i
already have a u2w sym card. i've never used the aic7xxx driver before, so i
don't know how it is.

Tom Vier <tmv@comcast.net>

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