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Re: up2000 too big for most cases?


> yup, drill time.
Tool-Time ? ;-)
> > Even worse, the UP2000 requires additional power-lines, besides the normal ATX connection.
> i'll have to check my up2000 pdf. i have it on my machine at work. api's
> site is gone now, so i can't get it. :/ the auction i won on ebay includes a
> 600watt psu. how many extra lines are there? are they regular 5v and 12v? i
> suspect the 600 watt supply in the auction is designed for a up2000. i
> haven't even seen 600 watt supplies sold anywhere.

In addition to the normal 20-pin ATX-type power connector, the UP2000 needs additional
"drive-type" connector, which IIRC provide 5 and 12 volts. Also an "ATX Option" connector
providing additional 3.3V is required. If you get the power-supply, just make sure, it
services these lines. I use an ETAS redundant power-supply, which can be "equipped" with
additional cables, since the pwr-supply has "pluggable" outputs. Nice to have ;-)
In case you need the complete specs and pinout, let me know. I'll then measure them
with a volt-meter.

> thanks. still sad that alpha's been killed. strange, alphalinux.org and
> linuxalpha.org are both down.
> > In case you can't find the docs, send me a mail. Obviously, i have a copy of these, which 
> > i could send you.
> i've got them at work. thanks, though.

Just before the API-site went offline, I downloaded about everything they had up. I can't tell,
what API's legal successor would think about it, but probably it would be a nice idea to
put the stuff up on some public webserver. I assume, that UP2000's will sooner or later be
desired ebay-items for alpha-lovers, and having docs and firmware accessible would be a
Very Nice Thing (TM).
If anybody has contact to people in charge, that could be clarified.

> actually, i was just curious which was better for use under linux, since i
> already have a u2w sym card. i've never used the aic7xxx driver before, so i
> don't know how it is.

The aic-drivers come in two "flavours": aic7xxx-old and the new replacement. Both work fine,
altough i use the new version. Comes with handy additions, like automagic detection of
TCQ-depth and the like. While i do prefer Symbois, I use only adaptec-cards in the system ( three
additinal Adaptecs and the build-in for a total of 4 active busses ), since i like *one* driver handling
all buses. So far, i haven't had any reason to question the drivers functionality and stability.

Again, I just *love* my UP2000 - it now served me well for over three years in 24/7 operation.
Only two unexplained crashes in all those years, which i suspect were power-jitters. I use it
as my main development machine writing code for myself and customers, and it is still an
impressively powerful system. And yes, the fact that alpha is killed is a sad thing for me too.
I'll switch to a new machine next year, and unluckily it will not be an alpha ( haven't decided
yet, *what* that will be ).

T. Weyergraf

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