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Re: Alpha Server 1000 - Install problems

Falk Hueffner wrote:
> Marc Shapiro <m_shapiro@bigfoot.com> writes:
> > Everything seemed to work correctly until I rebooted.  Then, after
> > the Alpha went through its setup routine and should have booted
> > Linux it appeared to go into a loop, spewing out screensful of data
> > way too fast to read anything.  It looked just like the problems
> > with booting LILO on an Intel machine when it just repeats a few of
> > the letters over and over, except that this was full screens of data
> > that zip right on by.
> Are you sure you are booting from the correct device? Also, does aboot
> come up at all? Does "boot -fl i" bring you into an interactive aboot?

Today, when I went to boot up, it went right into the rest of the
install, just like I expected it to do on Friday.  No problems at all. 
Now I just need to get X working and figure out how to let users telnet
(or ssh) in, as well as using ftp.  Those items aren't Alpha specific,
but can anyone send me in the right direction for the networking

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