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Alpha Server 1000 - Install problems

I recently got access to an Alpha Server 1000A Model 5/400 that the
college is no longer using.  It has been sitting around unused for a few
years and I have been given permission to wipe the NT from it (the
licence was transferred so it had to go, anyway) and install Linux. 
Since I have Debian on my home machine I decided to used Debian's Alpha
port.  I ordered the CD from Linux Central and it arrived yesterday.  I
tried to do the install, but it is not working properly.

The system:

Memory: 256MB
Hard Drives: SCSI: 2GB, 4GB, 4GB
CD-ROM Drives: 1 DEC and 1 Toshiba
Monitor: Dell Model E770s  (17" -- 1280 x 1024 -- 32 bit truecolor)
Mouse: PS/2
NIC: DE500?  (the card appears to be of DEC manufacture,
     other than that I am not sure)
Video: S3 Virge Trio 64/32

Here is what I have done:

I switched to the SRM console in Setup
I rebooted to the console 
I booted from the CD-ROM to Debian's setup
I answered all of the questions
	repartitioned all drives and formatted them for ext2
	left space for aboot on the first drive
	let setup determin my network info

Everything seemed to work correctly until I rebooted.  Then, after the
Alpha went through its setup routine and should have booted Linux it
appeared to go into a loop, spewing out screensful of data way too fast
to read anything.  It looked just like the problems with booting LILO on
an Intel machine when it just repeats a few of the letters over and
over, except that this was full screens of data that zip right on by.

I tried the install a second time, and loaded the generic SCSI module. 
The results were the same, however.

Has anyone come across this before?  Did I miss something during the
install?  Did I miss loading a module, or something?

All help appreciated.
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