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RE: unaligned accesses

>OK; UDB has built-in TULIP, are you using DE4X5 or TULIP driver? Both
>should be fine WRT not generating unaligned accesses, IIRC.

I'm using DE4X5 for the NIC.

>However, as you're doing NAT, you prolly have installed some other NIC
>in the PCI slot? What might it be, and what driver is it using?

It's a random D-Link card using via-rhine.

>You should be able to identify which driver (or perhaps non-driver) code
>the unaligned accesses are coming from, from the addresses in the
>messages in the log, I would think.

I have - the messages are from various places in the ipv4 network
code, tcp_ack, udp_recvmsg, tcp_recvmsg are the more recent places.

I don't know much about the Linux kernel internals, but perhaps these
folks have modified the kernel heap allocator to give out memory
on non-aligned boundaries?  Or perhaps the via-rhine driver does
something similar.  I have a few spare DE500s around, perhaps I
can switch to one of those?

>If you are using modules, it may be helpful to generate a monolithic
>kernel which might make the addresses in the messages more meaningful.

Okay - I'll do that too! :-)

>And as Paul noted, some of the network-related non-driver code would
>also be a good suspect, being used as heavily as it is, with (I think)
>some known problems (iptables?).

I couldn't find the exact correlation to 1 of the 2 places Paul
had found (the iptables stuff) in this source pool.

Is there a preferred method of bringing EXT3 support to the
2.2.x world?  That's the only feature I would really need right
now to go back to the standard kernel dist (ant I really do not
*need* that for testing pruposes...).


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