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Re: unaligned accesses

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 12:02:16PM -0400, Thomas Evans wrote:
> I'm still using a 2.2 kernel on a UDB that I use as a NAT.
> It's also a seriously hacked RH installation from way
> back, before I saw the Debian light. I hack on the machine
> quite a bit, but I'm hesitant to make a major chane (like
> wiping it and starting with a Debian install).
> The networking code seems to be generating millions of
> kernel alignment fixups per day ( and during large file
> transfers, like an apt-get dist upgrade from a client behind
> the NAT, about a million per minute ).  Is this normal
> or have I done something wrong?

OK; UDB has built-in TULIP, are you using DE4X5 or TULIP driver? Both
should be fine WRT not generating unaligned accesses, IIRC.

However, as you're doing NAT, you prolly have installed some other NIC
in the PCI slot? What might it be, and what driver is it using? You
should be able to identify which driver (or perhaps non-driver) code
the unaligned accesses are coming from, from the addresses in the
messages in the log, I would think.

If you are using modules, it may be helpful to generate a monolithic
kernel which might make the addresses in the messages more meaningful.

And as Paul noted, some of the network-related non-driver code would
also be a good suspect, being used as heavily as it is, with (I think)
some known problems (iptables?).


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