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Re: sx164 with matrox mga2

On Tue 23 Jul 2002, Gregory P. Smith wrote:

> > All the Millennium II's that I've seen have 4MB (4 chips) on the card
> > itself, and need the additional plugin "daughtercard" that holds more
> > memory (4MB, 8MB, and 12MB are the options, IIRC). So if you do NOT
> > have a daughtercard, you may only have the original 4MB...
> It's possible that I misremembered putting one of my 8mb cards in that
> machine and still have a 4mb in there.

I have an alpha with a 4MB Matrox Mill-II (2MB onboard + 2MB on a
daughterboard), and lspci shows 8MB; my Athlon has a 32MB Matrox G450,
and lspci shows 32MB. Go figure.
Maybe the PCI data shows the maximum the card will support?

> I have a few extra matrox millenium I and II cards with either 4mb or 8mb.
> If anyone on this list needs one, send me mail.  They'll end up at an
> electronics recycling center otherwise.

Hmm, I'd love one of those 8MB cards, but don't bother sending it, the
postage (to the Netherlands) is probably more than buying a secondhand
one locally :-)

Paul Slootman

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