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Re: sx164 with mga2 probs, noaccel required?

"Gregory P. Smith" <greg@electricrain.com> writes:

> I've got an SX164 running woody with a matrox millenium II (2164w)
> w/ 8MB.  Using the xserver-xfree86 4.1 package I can get X to run
> but I get screen corruption/messiness towards the bottom of the
> screen when running anything that draws a lot (first noticed with a
> web browser [galeon], then confirmed to be an X issue by running
> ghostview).  Another interesting bit is that regular X stuff is
> corrupted towards the bottom of the screen if I turn use 24 bit
> color rather than 16 bit.  I'm currently using 1152x864 resolution.

Hmm, weird, I have very similar effects with a Permedia 2 card
(Diamond FireGL) on my SX164. The server detects 8mb, the symptoms go
away when I force video memory to 4mb or turn off accel. I'm not sure
how much memory the card actually has, so I thought it was just
misdetecting the size, but perhaps it's actually a more generic SX164

Anyway, I suggest forcing video memory to something smaller, perhaps
it helps you, too.


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