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Re: PC164 scsi trouble and SRM version confusion

Thank's for the reply - the ide solution was rolling around in my mind too - the thing is i already have a nice scsi cdrom and a cdwriter... oh well, I guess for installation purposes I could add an ide cdrom and also a small ide just to put the bootloader and /boot partition on... but let the system basically run from the u2w scsi disks.  What do you think?

The 875 based cards I tried were a Kouwell(?) card with the chip labeled 53c875E and an actual LSI card with the chip labeled 53c875JE i think...


On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 03:03:08PM -0400, Jay Estabrook wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 09:51:56AM -0700, Mike Campbell wrote:
> > I have a PC164 system (not lx or sx).  I have a Symbios 53C875 and a
> > 53C895 in it, neither of which is shown when i do "show device". In
> > fact, All that shows up is dva0.0.0.1, the floppy.
> >
> >  Consequently I have been booting from floppies (yech). 
> >
> >  I tried a couple differnt cards with the 875 chip, but nothing.
> >  When I do a show config there is a listing for ncr53c8xx in the pci
> >  section (just one), and, when I flash the new srm image, the update
> >  utility says something like "Loading device drivers" and it shows
> >  "ncr53c8xx", so it knows the card is there, but it wont boot from
> >  it.
> >
> > My srm version says 5.5-1 when i start up the computer - Is this the
> > latest one?  I have seen people talk about 5.6, and there are
> > release notes on the dec ftp site about 5.6, but this is all I can
> > come up with.  What can I do (besides find anoither scsi
> > controller)?
> Yes, 5.5-1 is indeed the latest (last, IIRC) version of SRM for the PC164.
> I just tried an NCR 875-based controller (IntraServer Technology
> 3140U-4), and it worked like a charm, saw all the disks attached to
> it, and booted from one of them.
> IIRC, there was another 875 from IntraServer, but without the "U" in
> its number, that did NOT work well under SRM. I think they (875-based
> cards) were relatively new back then, and SRM may be quite fussy about
> which ones it will support.
> I don't hold out much hope for the 895, that'd be too recent...
> HOWEVER, I do have a workaround to propose... :-)
> I was just able to boot from an IDE disk and CDROM attached to the
> closest-to-the-edge-of-mobo of the IDE pinouts (it's NOT a socket :-)
> at the board-edge side of the memory SIMM sockets. They showed up as
> "dqa0" and "dqa1" under SRM, and "just worked"... :-)
> So, throw away that floppy... :-)
>  --Jay++
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