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PC164 scsi trouble and SRM version confusion

Hello -
I have a PC164 system (not lx or sx).  I have a Symbios 53C875 and a 53C895 in it, neither of which is shown when i do "show device". In fact,  All that shows up is dva0.0.0.1, the floppy. 
 Consequently I have been booting from floppies (yech). 
 I tried a couple differnt cards with the 875 chip, but nothing.  When I do a show config there is a listing for ncr53c8xx in the pci section (just one), 
and, when I flash the new srm image, the update utility says something like "Loadinf device drivers" and it shows "ncr53c8xx", so it knows the card is there, but it wont boot from it.

My srm version says 5.5-1 when i start up the computer - Is this the latest one?  I have seen people talk about 5.6, and there are release notes on the dec ftp site about 5.6, but this is all I can come up with.  What can I do (besides find anoither scsi controller)?


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