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linuxalpha.org DNS problems

We've figured out whats wrong with the DNS for linuxalpha.org
and are working to fix it. So those of you who can't get there
I just want to let you know, No your not crazy. :-)


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Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 2:17 PM
To: Peter Petrakis
Subject: Re: DNS happenings FW: FW: alphalinux.org and linuxalpha.org
(was Re: Nvidia video cards)

OK, I've figured it out (for real this time)...it seems that netsol has 
changed the way they route DNS queries. The old way tried the servers in 
order...so when your DNS machine asked the root servers for the 
authoritative server for a domain it delivered them in the order they were 
set. No more! Now it seems to re-order the DNS search order on fly. So, 
your DNS server contacts the root server and gets (in order):

linuxalpha.org.		1d3h7m59s IN NS  NS1.MONADLUG.org.
linuxalpha.org.		1d3h7m59s IN NS  NS1.THESHELL.COM.

your machine asks ns1.monadlug.org the address and gets it.

then the next guy gets:

linuxalpha.org.		1d26m8s IN NS	NS1.THESHELL.COM.
linuxalpha.org.		1d26m8s IN NS	NS1.MONADLUG.org.

his DNS server goes and asks ns1.theshell.com who says "No such domain" as 
Barrett never set up the secondaries for that domain!

So I'll be looking for a new secondary to say the least!


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