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flakey miata 433a


i wrote yesterday about the mouse problem.

thanks for the many answers.  however, it seems that the 
ps/2 port on the mobo is dead.  i have tried /dev/psaux and 
/dev/mouse -> /dev/psaux to no avail.... however, in dmesg
you can see it find the ps/2 mouse port ok.

there are a few unresolved items, however.  in my red/hat experience, the
runlevel can be set so that x does not start at startup.  this alpha is
starting x and when i go ctrl/alt/f1 i don't get to the keyboard that is
running x.  i can't stop x short of shutting down, so i don't get the
server output to look at re mouse problems.  is there a different
run-level to set in inittab so that x does not start automatically?  or
how do you kill the x server, and where will its output log be?

if the ps/2 port is indeed dead, then should i not be able to set
up a bus mouse or even a usb mouse???

ok, my other problem.  the ethernet controller is flakey... runs about 
30% packet loss.  it *seems* to be mechanical... the little board
with the coax and rj45 *seems* to respond to mechanical pressures
but without much repeatability.  i rang out the two pair with an 
ohmmeter and they seem fine... that's from the rj45 to the mobo-end
of the cable.  is there a way to disable the on board e-net and 
substitute a 3c905??  i can't find any cmos options or blue meanies.

thanks again for your hospitality

ps: this box was a gift-horse....

Dave Mallery, K5EN
PO Box 520
Ramah,  NM  87321

no gates
  no windows...

running GNU/Linux
free at last!

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