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OT: SETI@HOME on Alphas (was: Re: flakey miata 433a)

Donsbach, Jeff wrote:

depends what version of the SETI@HOME client you are talking about..

Jeff, this is going more and more off-topic, but
could you please drop a few words about ancient
seti@home clients here ...

There are some "about one hour" results out there
calculated on ev67 Alphas using a optimised 2.4(?)
Seti@Home client that utilised DEC/Compaq FFT
libraries ... is that right so far? (Obviously
Berkeley does not allow such vendor-optimisations
at this time.)

If that is true, how large was the benefit using
these libraries compared to a unmodified Berkeley
distributed S@H client at that time?

Stefan Schroepfer

(who is running the S@H client on two Alphas using
Debian and NT4 ...)

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