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RE: Enlightenment makes the mouse freeze intermittently


> D'oh!  Silly me.  That should have been the first thing I tried.  Turned
> gpm off, now it works beautifully.  I suppose I could also use
> /dev/gpmdata...

Glad it worked.

> Debian's 2.2.19 nautilus binary image.  Nothing special otherwise.

No performance patches? Thats a damn shame :-)

> Cool!  It segfaults for me every time it starts, but clicking "Restart
> Enlightenment" makes it work pretty well.  I'll try your patch when you
> send it to the list, and if that fails then I'll investigate further.

I must have been 'really' lazy when I did this. I changed the orginal
source. deleted
the old source tar and built an SRPM out of the impure source, with minimal
effort :-). Now, raster has every verison of E available for download EXCEPT
16.4 . So I'm dl'n
16.5 now and I'll have to redo the patch. If you really want, i can send you
compiled working binary. It fixes this very bug you're describing. I fixed
this like
6 months ago...

> >There's also
> >an outstanding bug against E's background managment that I found (didnt
> >report
> >and yet to fix). Doesn't read files that have spaces in the name  :-)
> >
> Cool.

Yeah, once I straigten out my Alpha and install debian on it proper I'll
on this stuff some more and on E17.

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