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Re: Enlightenment makes the mouse freeze intermittently

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 12:43:32PM -0500, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> I just started using X on my group's Nautilus, and (almost) everything 
> works great!  Galeon/mozilla, gnumeric, evolution...  I am so impressed 
> that so much works so well under alpha -- but then, most stuff also 
> works well on my pmac at home, and a Netwinder I use (ARM).  Haven't 
> tried making the Voodoo 3 DRM work yet, will have to upgrade to a 2.4 
> kernel first...  Hooray for cross-platform free software, and Debian in 
> particular!
> So, the one problem I'm having is that if I run enlightenment, the mouse 
> stops working for a couple of seconds at a time, then works for a couple 
> of seconds, on and off.  With sawfish, I see this one-or-two second 
> delay only once every few minutes, and don't see it at all with no WM 
> running -- then again, haven't spent enough time sans WM to know whether 
> that has the every-few-minutes problem like sawfish.
> Oh- enlightenment also segfaults a lot, but haven't looked into this yet 
> with gdb/strace.  And it's unlikely to be supported, since they're 
> focusing on E17...
> This is a UP1000 with Voodoo3 and debconf-managed XF86Config-4 and 
> Xwrapper-config, X nice-value set to -10.
> Any ideas?

Any chance there's one of those "let's poll the CDROM every 2 seconds
to see if there's a new CD been just put in" utilities, and you have
an IDE CDROM (IDE seems to make it worse, IMHO)?


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