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RE: Enlightenment makes the mouse freeze intermittently

> Blame me... :-P  You would think I would've hammered them into Debian
> given the two hats I wore last year :-P

I ask that you to please consider for a moment and use your imagination
to picture all the subtle sarcastic and ironic remarks I would have made
if I had not chosen to write this very text.
Thank you for your time :-)

> Send me a copy of the new patch as well.  Actually, better yet, finally
> get around to installing debian on one of those billion LX's that you have
> and file a bug report w/the patch :-P

I have some good excuses that I could share with you and the list
why this isn't done yet, But I won't :-) . I hope to get it setup
this weekend baring further hardware failure. I will CC you on the patch.

> Definitely.  Give me a call soon and I'll see if I can prime the Debian E
> maintainer to see if he could collaborate with you on getting patches
> included rapidly (or maybe sponsor you if you got interested in doing the
> DM dance).

Roger Roger. I'll be taking on 'other' X related things as well in the
I'll let you know of my progress.

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