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Re: kernel 2.4.12 kills ide drives

Craig Small wrote:

 I've just had one of the more unpleasant evenings with my alpha and
some ide drives.  This was kernel 2.4.12 on a PC164SX

I started getting these, lots of these:

Feb 12 21:03:54 fozzie kernel: hda: dma_intr: error=0x40 { UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=16083582, sector=15466680
Feb 12 21:03:54 fozzie kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev 03:04 (hda), sector 1 5466680
Feb 12 21:03:54 fozzie kernel: EXT2-fs error (device ide0(3,4)): ext2_write_inode: unable to read inode block - inode=957825, block=1933335
Feb 12 21:03:54 fozzie kernel: Remounting filesystem read-only

I thought my drive was dying, so I had another drive in the system
so I started trying to move stuff across to it using the two tar trick.
Every time I did it either one or both drives played up, with messages
like that and other wierdness.  Stuff like the files went out of bounds
or something and then some nasty message from some ext2_ function.

Just booted into 2.4.9 now and it is all working again.  So if
you go up a few kernel versions be real careful.  I mean this is a
plain ext2 partition on an ide drive, nothing fancy.

Oh my, this is very interesting. I just upgraded a dual-Celeron system from 2.4.9 to 2.4.17 last week, and it did the same thing to one of my drives! This would be a very serious kernel bug...

What kind of controller is this on?  My drive that failed was on an HPT366.


-Adam P.

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