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AlphaServer 2000 and SCSI Shelves

Hi, i'm going to try to install debian on 2 digital servers: 1
Alphaserver 2000 5/300   and 1 Alphaserver 800 5/400.
This 2 servers are provided with 2 SCSI Disks shelves, a BA356-KG and a
BA350-KG. What i'm trying to understand, is if these shelves are
capable of hw syncing betwen themselves, or if it depends on the
operating system (in this case it means "if linux supports it").
What i'm trying to do is to share a part of the fs betwen the 2 servers,
through this 2 disk shelves, just because i'm gonna run linux-ha on
them. Any idea/URL etc?

 Claudio Martella
 Centro Informatico di Ateneo - CCR
 Politecnico di Milano
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