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How many disks on a PWS-433a? and more.


I just bought a PWS 433a last week, and I've spent most of my time
messing with it. However, I haven't been able to find all the
information I need, mostly probably because www.alphalinux.org /
www.linuxalpha.org are down.
If anyone could answer any of the questions below I'd be very grateful,
and I'll buy you a beer next time you visit Oslo (Norway);)

* How many disks can I add to the 433a? The manual seems to say the PWS
has a 300W powersupply. I would like to add at least 2 udma100 ide disks
to a Promise Ultra100TX2 controller, and 2 older 9.1gb scsi disks to an
Adaptec 2940u2w or 2940 controller. There is a small ide disk on the
onboard ide controller and a cdrom there already.

* I have a "very-fullsize" gfx card that I think is a powerstorm, which
uses both 64pci slots, and has 2 vga connectors. It's basically a huge
card with a small card screwed onto its side. However, only one of the
cards seems to be detected by linux. lspci only lists the gd5440, which
is the small card. Can anyone tell me why only one card is detected, and
the exact name/model of the powerstorm(Intergraph) card?

My system info:

Digital Personal Workstation 443a "Miata"
433Mhz Prosessor (21164 EV56)
256mb ECC RAM
Running Debian 2.2 unstable

Chris Qvigstad

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