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Video Card Success

WooHoo!  SRM update did the trick, got my radeon going.  But it only
works with the 2.4 kernel i made, dunno why.  I also have a few other
problems, maybe you can help me out.  

The SBLive! issue is not only there with the SBLive, its also there for
the SB16 i put in it.  It detects the io port correctly (0x220), but
when i go to play, no sound comes out of the sound card.  It works with
the potato stock kernel, but not my custom 2.4.17 kernel.  I tried
putting right into the kernel, with ISA PnP support, but ISA PnP couldnt
find it.  So i put it as a module also with PnP in the kernel.  When i
went to modprobe it, it told me that ISA PnP couldnt find the card.  So
i gave it the exact params for it, it didnt give an error.  But no
sound.  So i tried with the sb module as a module and PnP out all
together.  When i modprobe it, it finds the card at 0x220, but once
again no sound.

Another quirk...PPP.  To get PPP going with my Pentium, i had to make
sure that PPP was all modules.  The potato stock kernel does this fine.
And i tried as best i could to make PPP all modules with my 2.4.17
kernel, but once im connected to my ISP, pppd dies right away.  Know of
any reasons why it could be doing that?

Richard Fillion

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