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Re: Video Card Problem

OK, that would make sense for the video card, now i just gotta get my
alpha-fu going high enough to be able to know how to upgrade the

As for the sound card, yes, i tried with mpg123 as well as play, which
produced nothing still.  I got rid of that card (traded for a 4x SCSI
burner), and i installed my 386's SB16 in there, it works fine.

Thanks for the help guys, really appreciated.

Richard Fillion

On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 08:49:49AM -0500, Rich Payne wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Dec 2001 raptor-32@xgs.dhs.org wrote:
> > I bought myself a used Digital Server 3305 off of ebay, and it came with
> > no documentation.  I managed to install Debian on it, and it works quite
> > well.  I had Potato with XF3, but i upgraded to Woody with XF4.  This
> > caused a few problems.  XF4 doesnt have support for the S3 Trio which is
> > what the alpha has onboard.  So i decided to buy a video card for it, an
> > ATI Radeon 32Meg SDR for PCI.  I put it in the first slot, moved the
> > jumper needed to disable onboard video, turned the box on, and the
> > monitor gets no signal.  I looked up on ATI's site, and they said that
> > the card requires PCI 2.2, so i figured that the box was just too old
> > for that.  So i tried the TNT based card i have in this computer to
> > test, same thing.
> Both those cards are to new to be supported by the BIOS emulator. The
> Alphas have an x86 emulator in the firmware that allows them the run and
> initialize your video cards.....Radeon's only work with the newest SRMs
> and TNTs just started working before that, and I'm sure neither of those
> versions are available for your machine.
> >  I tried with and old S3 Trio64, same thing.  I read
> > (i think on this ML's archives) that video cards need to be in the 64bit
> > slot, so i tried that, didnt help.  I dont know how far the boot goes,
> > nor do i have a VT100 dumb terminal to hook to the port in the back to
> > check.  
> Well, I don't know the bus layout of this machine, but usually you want
> the video card to be on the first PCI bus, and not behind any PCI bridges
> as the emulator doesn't handle that. Again, I don't know about the slots
> on this machine. It's probably worth getting the latest firmware for your
> machine...it's available from:
>  ftp://ftp.digital.com/pub/DEC/Alpha/firmware/v6.1/
> I think the 3300 series was the white box (aka NT) version of the AS800,
> but you might want to check on that. 
> > Another problem i had is with a SB Live (yes, im a sucker for marketing
> > when it comes to hardware).  Debian detects it, when i do cat /proc/pci,
> > i see it, the driver installs just fine, i can do "cat /dev/sda >
> > /dev/dsp" and no error occurs, but no sound comes out of the card. 
> Interesting test.....have you started a mixer and checked the volume
> levels? You may also want to just try playing a CD or MP3 file.
> --rdp
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> Rich Payne
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