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Re: Need Advice on System RAM]

Whoops, I wanted this to go to the list!

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Subject: Re: Need Advice on System RAM
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 14:02:07 -0600
From: "Donald R. Spoon" <dspoon@satx.rr.com>
Reply-To: dspoon@satx.rr.com
To: Ryan Kirkpatrick <debian@rkirkpat.net>

Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Donald R. Spoon wrote:
> > 1.  Is the "quality" issue really valid today?
>         If you are buying DDR PC2600 whatever RAM for today's modern
> computers, then yes, quality is an issue. As for 60ns 72pin Parity SIMMs,
> if they work (after all these years) then their quality is probably pretty
> good. :) Parity SIMM RAM was pretty limited in use to only server class
> machines, so what of it that was made, it had to be pretty high quality to
> begin with. Just by saying parity SIMM, you are implying a certain level
> of quality.
>         As for myself, when I went to upgrade my XLT366 from 192MB to
> 256MB (I use it as web/database server), I just went to eBay, found some
> Compaq branded 32MB 60ns 72pin Parity SIMMs for $30 a pair. Installed them
> and they work great. For RAM of this type, I would highly recommend eBay,
> as any reseller is going to charge a premium for this relatively "rare"
> memory.
> > 2.  Will 256 Megs make my machine happy and quit using swap space
> > anytime I look at it?  As a side question, will I see significant
> > difference between 128 Megs and 256 Megs in performance?
>         You will see a different between 64 and 128, especially if you run
> lots of Xapps. Between 128 and 256, I can't really say. Depends how much
> software you try and run at once. Though as they always say, you never can
> have too much RAM. So, if you can afford it, go for the 256.
>         My two cents, hope they are of use.

Thanks for all the advice.  Here is some follow-up.

I upgraded to 8 sticks of 32 Meg Hundai parity SIMMS (total 256 Megs)
obtained from SMI in Carrolton, TX. (Highly recommended!!)  This
transformed my DEC Alpha 300XL from a "dog" into a "gazelle"...WOW! 
This machine has moved from being the house "dog" to the front of the
pack.  Before, I had just 64 Megs of RAM.

Before the upgrade, KDE took forever to start, and when I started
Mozilla 0.9.5, it would go into a continuous disk-access mode (swap??)
and would not load any web pages.  I knew it worked, because I could get
it up under GNOME, but still slowly.  Now everthing starts in a
resonable amount of time, and Mozilla will bring up web pages as fast a
anything I have around the house even when run from KDE.  Performance is
now comparable to my AMD K6/2-500 machine, which is the fastest machine
I have here.

I would highly recommend a RAM upgrade if you can afford it.

BTW, mucho thanks to those who got KDE running on the Alpha (Chris??).

-Don Spoon-

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