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Re: Need Advice on System RAM

On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Donald R. Spoon wrote:

> 1.  Is the "quality" issue really valid today?

	If you are buying DDR PC2600 whatever RAM for today's modern
computers, then yes, quality is an issue. As for 60ns 72pin Parity SIMMs,
if they work (after all these years) then their quality is probably pretty
good. :) Parity SIMM RAM was pretty limited in use to only server class
machines, so what of it that was made, it had to be pretty high quality to
begin with. Just by saying parity SIMM, you are implying a certain level
of quality.
	As for myself, when I went to upgrade my XLT366 from 192MB to
256MB (I use it as web/database server), I just went to eBay, found some
Compaq branded 32MB 60ns 72pin Parity SIMMs for $30 a pair. Installed them
and they work great. For RAM of this type, I would highly recommend eBay,
as any reseller is going to charge a premium for this relatively "rare"

> 2.  Will 256 Megs make my machine happy and quit using swap space
> anytime I look at it?  As a side question, will I see significant
> difference between 128 Megs and 256 Megs in performance?

	You will see a different between 64 and 128, especially if you run
lots of Xapps. Between 128 and 256, I can't really say. Depends how much
software you try and run at once. Though as they always say, you never can
have too much RAM. So, if you can afford it, go for the 256.
	My two cents, hope they are of use.

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