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Re: Error: could not find Java 2 Runtime Environment (was Re: JRE won't work as my cpml_ev5.so is zero size)

Michael Lake wrote:
> I replaced the i386 with alpha and now it picks up the lib libhpi.so
> which is in /usr/java/jre1.3.1/lib/alpha/native_threads
> I now just have this error:
> using java in [/usr/java/jre1.3.1]
> Error: could not find Java 2 Runtime Environment.
> xeena-1.2EA$
> Ummm this seems to be getting close to running.
> What little thing am I missing?

Ah I managed to work out that the class path was being set incorrectly
in the xeena.sh script. Fixed that and now I have:

xeena-1.2EA$ ./sample_dtd.sh
using java in [/usr/java/jre1.3.1]
Xeena Version 1.2EA
Brought to you by the IBM Haifa Research Lab, Israel
Please send your feedback to helpmap@il.ibm.com
(C) 1999-2000 IBM Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

/usr/java/jre1.3.1/lib/alpha/libawt.so: libXm.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Unable to run the editor.

OK. I know libXm is a Motif lib so I will check up on my lesstif libs
and see what I need there. Hey sorry about all these emails :-)

Michael Lake
Active caver, Linux enthusiast and interested in anything technical.
Safety Convenor, Australian Speleological Federation
Owner, Speleonics (Australia)

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