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Re: JRE won't work as my cpml_ev5.so is zero size :-(

Christoph Reichenbach wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Nov 2001, Mike Lake wrote:
> > ld -shared -o libcpml_ev5.so -soname libcpml.so \
> >                 -whole-archive libcpml_ev5.a -no-whole-archive -lots
> >              strip libcpml_ev5.so
> >
> > but there is no command option -lots strip (or similar) in ld's man
> > page.
> '-lots' links against libots, which provides a number of mathematical
> functions (IIRC). You can get it from Compaq, too.

Yes I have installed the libots OK.

ah thanks. I just tried it with the -no-whole-archive -lots and it did work
this time. I was thinking the strip was part of the "lots" 
And the .so is a little diff in size to so it prob needed it.

> 'strip libcpml_ev5.so' is actually intended to be a separate command that
> removes the symbols from the shared library, to reduce the amount of space

ah ok. I just read man strip and I see that yes its a separate thing. 

I am actually trying to get xeena an IBM XML editor running.
xeena-1.2EA$ ./sample_dtd.sh
using java in [/usr/java/jre1.3.1]
/usr/java/jre1.3.1/bin/jre: error in loading shared libraries: 
libhpi.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Am getting there, have the above to delve into now.

Michael Lake
Active caver, Linux enthusiast and interested in anything technical.
Safety Convenor, Australian Speleological Federation
Owner, Speleonics (Australia)

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