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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

On Mon 20 Aug 2001, Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> 	I can confirm both of the above statements. My two XLTs have
> AlphaBIOS (5.66 if I remember correctly), and I have never gotten one to
> boot with any 2.2 based milo. I always had to resort back to the 2.0 based
> milos, which of course do not support the 2.2 ext2fs. Both of my XLTs have

Ah, this explains a lot :-)
When I added a Qlogic SCSI controller (and 9GB UW disk) to my XLT, I
couldn't get MILO to use the kernel on the new disk. Of course I now
realize what the problem is (2.2 ext2fs of course).  And a new MILO
didn't work (hung as described). I solved my problem by copying the
kernel to the FAT partition and booting off that.

> 	I would offer to test milos on my XLTs, but neither of them are
> too available for experimentation (one is a web server, another a file

I can test milos, no problem. I really only use the XLT for porting at
the moment.

Paul Slootman
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