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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

Doc Shipley wrote:
> > > >
> > > > Just to remember: There are now two reports about Milo
> > > > 2.2.17 not working: On PC164 and on XLT. Both have ARC
> > > > firmware, right Don?
>  There are a lot of PC164 variants. [...]

I was talking about PC164 "without modifiers" (not LX,
not SX, not UX ...). This is where none of the recent
"Reinauer" Milos don't work ("Swapping to PALcode ..."
and the machine hangs).

Don, did you hear anything interesting from Stephan
Reinauer? Is he already/still working on a new set of

Stefan Schroepfer

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