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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

Stefan Schroepfer wrote:
> Doc Shipley wrote:
> >
> > > > >
> > > > > Just to remember: There are now two reports about Milo
> > > > > 2.2.17 not working: On PC164 and on XLT. Both have ARC
> > > > > firmware, right Don?
> >
> >  There are a lot of PC164 variants. [...]
> I was talking about PC164 "without modifiers" (not LX,
> not SX, not UX ...). This is where none of the recent
> "Reinauer" Milos don't work ("Swapping to PALcode ..."
> and the machine hangs).
> Don, did you hear anything interesting from Stephan
> Reinauer? Is he already/still working on a new set of
> Milos?
> Regards,
> Stefan Schroepfer
> --

Nothing yet.  I tried to compile from his source here using gcc 2.95 and
3.0, but both fail.  I have found out that you have to have the reiserfs
patches applied, but I suspect there is something else.  It now bombs
out around the part that makes "env.o" rather consistantly.  I wish I
knew more about programming....I have forwarded all my info to Stepan,
and am sort of at his mercy.  I can't compile anything here, and the
pre-compiled versions don't work.

As an aside...are you certain that the milo that comes with Potato
doesn't support the newer ext2fs??  The version I have here
(milo-2.0.35-c7b) seems to support all the stuff I have thrown at it,
and I am pretty sure the change logs on this version note this support
was added.  It appears to originate from Nikita Schmidt's work, and is
located at ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/milo.  Am I wrong here??

-Don Spoon-

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