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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

> > >
> > > Just to remember: There are now two reports about Milo
> > > 2.2.17 not working: On PC164 and on XLT. Both have ARC
> > > firmware, right Don?

 There are a lot of PC164 variants. The 2.2.17 Milo works fine on the
LX164 firmware v5.70, both from floppy anf from a FAT partition on hda.
  However. The installer can't seem to FIND the FAT partition to install
milo & linload.exe on either my LX164 or my Multia (aka UDB, aka noname)
I've tried with the FAT partition bootable and not, with filesystem made
and not, and it works not at all.
 Oh, yeah. The EB64P Milo won't boot an Aspen Alpine. No surprise

See ya later,

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