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Alpha: aboot rescue disk


currently, the rescue disk for Alphas with SRM/aboot doesn't work
because e2writeboot fails. The first problem is that e2writeboot
doesn't return a nonzero status on failure so this will go unnotified;
I've tried filing a bug about this but the BTS is down.

It fails because the disk is too full; it needs a continuos empty area
and can't find one. First, it might help to install it onto the empty
disk, when finding a continuos area is not a problem. I'll look into
that. Then I wonder if the sys_map.gz (77k) is actually needed, or was
it put there just because it fits so nicely? There's already a special
case for some arch's not to add it, can I just include Alpha?


P. S. the mklibs.sh libm trick didn't seem to work so everybody
building boot disks for Alpha should try mklibs.py, which is in CVS

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