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Re: Java SDK or JRE for Alpha

Idar Tollefsen wrote:
> Donald,
> > Does anyone have any comments on using the beta
> > Compaq Java SDK under Debian Linux for the Alpha?
> > (I am assume that it is in RPM format and will need to
> > be converted using alien.)
> Works fine, at least the JRE part. I haven't tried compiling
> anything with it.
> Yes, you have to use alien, but that's no problem.
> At least not with the packages in question.
> There are some tricks involved to get libcpml to work. Basically,
> I followed an explanation from Thomas Weyergraf on how to get
> CCC to work on Debian/Alpha, which was my primary goal at the
> time. The recipe is the same for the JDK tough. I'll give you his whole
> post here, pick what you need.
> In addition, I installed OpenMotif from MetroLink. There is a link
> to it (IIRC) from Compaq's page with install instructions for the Beta.
> Or you could fiddle around MetroLink's pages and see if you find it.
> It says it will work with Lesstif too, so you might get away with simply
> Installing Lesstif from its Debian package.

Thanks for the info, Idar!

As some follow-up, I installed both the Compaq JDK and the C compiler
using T. Weyergraf's procedures.  I compiled my FIRST program
<grin>...the "Hello World" one...sucessfully.  I am still having
problems getting the Java2 JRE to work with Mozilla 9-1, so my original
problem remains, but I am closing in on it.  Maybe in a few years I will
be smart enough to write my own java-plugin for Mozilla <g>.

AFTER I sucessfully installed the Compaq C compiler per Mr. Weyergraf's
procedures, I discovered there were some "installer" debs in both ALPHA
"testing" and "unstable" for the libots, cpml, and ccc packages.  Being
curious, I purged my previous install and re-installed using the deb
installers.  This worked too.  The ONLY hitch was that the cpml
installer warned me thatI had a EV-6 processor and was trying to install
the EV-5 cpml packge. The COMPAQ webpages state I have a EV-5 CPU.  My
ALPHA is a XL-300...of the XLT branch of the ALCOR family.  I am pretty
sure it is a EV-5.  The "warning" didn't seem to make any

Now for the question.  Is there any reason that the deb installers in
"testing" or "unstable" shouldn't be used for installing these
packages?  It seemed a bit easier, and is definately "cleaner" not to
have a bunch of RPM stuff scattered around the system.

-Don Spoon-

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