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Re: Java SDK or JRE for Alpha


> This worked too.  The ONLY hitch was that the cpml
> installer warned me thatI had a EV-6 processor and was
> trying to install the EV-5 cpml packge. The COMPAQ
>  webpages state I have a EV-5 CPU. 

I'm not sure wether your machine is a EV5 or 6, but the
EV5 packages work on both. The difference is that the
EV6 packages are optimized for EV6. No harm can come
from using the EV5 packages, even on a EV6 processor.

> Now for the question.  Is there any reason that the deb installers in
> "testing" or "unstable" shouldn't be used for installing these
> packages?  It seemed a bit easier, and is definately "cleaner" not to
> have a bunch of RPM stuff scattered around the system.

I suppose this comes down to a question of personal preferences.

Personaly, I would go with the once shipped with Debian. It's
highly likely that they have had the necesarry work-arounds built
in to them, and that they therefore are eiser to install, integrates better
with the rest of the system, and makes it easy to upgrade them as you
upgrade the rest of your system.

The downside would be if you decide to go with the stable release
(once Woody is resleased), they want be the latest and greates for
very long. That might not make such a big difference though, unlesss
you find some features in never versions that you absolutly need, or it
goes from beta to stable (in which case it will probably be utabed in
stable as well anyway).

Now that Compaq has declared Alpha EOL, it will be interesting
to see how much more work they will put into their C, C++ and Java
efforts for Linux/Alpha. It wouldn't surprise me if those projects would
loose support very soon when they start pulling people over to porting
True64, OpenVMS and the rest to IA64.

- IT

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