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Re: Re: latest pre-packaged kernel?

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Jay Estabrook wrote:

> Well, 4.1.0 stock source has many Alpha-related patches that should
> help the situation, so the latest test deb for 4.1.0 from Branden
> should be better.

I've built the new test debs for 4.1.0 but still have to find out if the
crashes I'm seeing using tdfx DRI are because of my glide libs or X
itself, fyi.  I should know by tonight or tomorrow...

> Also, I sent many of those patches back-ported to 4.0.3, to
> Chris/Branden and I think they made it into some test packages that
> used them, but not sure.

Yes, they made them into the debs on master.  I submitted the patches and
compiled the debs with them no matter what (since they really helped on a
few setups that I tested on).


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