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Re: S3Virge and XFree 4.1, was Re: latest pre-packaged kernel?

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Thadeu Penna wrote:

> Could you please give us more details about "S3Virge support sucks" ? I
> have changed  S3Virge on 10 PWS 433/500au for the original TGA PowerStorm
> (S3V eventually freezes X, TGA does not but TGA crashes X when I try to
> run Emacs and Xmgr). I was considering return to S3Virge to test 4.1 when I got your
> message.

Actually, I haven't tried my S3ViRGE on v4.1.0 too much.  In 8bpp, it
worked great.  Prior versions of X seem to have problems with my
particular S3V when I increase the colour depth (screen "overlaps" itself
three times over...it looks like each plane is being offset to the right
and drawn on top of the other).


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