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Re: Re: latest pre-packaged kernel?

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 12:18:00PM +0000, Per Wigren wrote:
> XFree86 v4.0.x are all very unstable for me on my Alpha PWS 
> with an old Matrox Mystique 220 card. Random freezes every 
> 2-30 minutes so I have to ssh to it and kill X.
> I haven't tried v4.1.0 though. v3.3.6 is stable. Not VERY 
> stable, it still dies every 2nd/3rd day or so, but it's 
> usable.

Well, 4.1.0 stock source has many Alpha-related patches that should
help the situation, so the latest test deb for 4.1.0 from Branden
should be better.

Also, I sent many of those patches back-ported to 4.0.3, to
Chris/Branden and I think they made it into some test packages that
used them, but not sure.


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