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State of Woody?


How stable is woody/alpha right now?

I tried it on my PWS about 6 months ago but it was horrible 
unstable then! And besides, there was no KDE2 or Mozilla.
I then tried Redhat 7.0 and FreeBSD 4.3 and they were 
extremly unstable as well! (Actually I think it was XFree86 
that caused 99% of the problems). Then I tried SuSE 7.1RC 
and I'm still running it and I've found it to be very 
stable! I've had a few X-freezes but nothing compared to 
How much better has Debian Woody/Alpha become the last 6 
months? I *really* like Debian, I use it on ALL of my other 
boxes (10 or so) and it's the most stable distro of them 
all on Intel! Is it worth spending a night reinstalling my 

Also, has anyone gotten LVM and ReiserFS to work together 
on Alpha? I can't get Alpha LVM to work on 2.4.x (vgchange 
segfaults) but it's working in 2.2.19. And I can't get 
ReiserFS to work on 2.2.19 but it's working in 2.4.x... 
I've tried both releases and CVS-snapshots.

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