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PATCH: icp vortex raid (gdth)

Check it out,

The original kernel versioning #ifdef scheme
simply didnt work and by chance it was execucting code that was
ment for linux 2.1 :-). Amongst the code being processed where
a set of virt_to_bus and bus_to_virt redefinitions which assumed
32 bit'isms. In which case the card would only work on alpha machines
PCI bus 0 on a multi bus machine. 

This patch fixes the kernel versioning mixup and in the process
fixes the multi pci bus issue. It's been tested under load extensivly
with their GDT6523RS and seems to work pretty well. There are still 
some unaligned accesses in there and some more cleaning that code be
done. Though for right now, it works & it's fast. Enjoy.

This patch applies against version 1.28 of their driver which can
be found on their website. 



Peter Petrakis
Customer Support Engineer
API Networks

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