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Hi all!

I'm back in action after a lightning strike two weeks ago (took out the
DSL router which the $#@%* DSL repair guy plugged into the WALL outlet
last time he was here rather than back into my surge protector).

Anyway, I have good news :-)  I just packaged the glide3-64 branch from
the glide sourceforge project and am going to upload it today.  I've also
asked Branden to patch the upcoming XFree86 v4.1.0 to enable glide support
for the tdfx DRI driver.

I tested it all using the current X (recompiled, of course) and the new
libglide3-alpha{-dev} packages.  Gears speed doubled as did just about
every other test that I could find.

In short, if you have a V3, V4, or V5, this should really speed up your
OpenGL stuff once it hits the archive :-)

In the meantime, I *might* make some deb packages that have been modified
in this way, but won't upload them to master since they require source
changes (extremely minor, but still).   If I do, I'll probably put them up
on klecker and let everyone know that they're there.

Not bad for a one week+ outtage :-)


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