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Re: Anyone willing to autobuild for non-us

Sam Hartman wrote:

>     Christopher> Also, last I checked, non-US is being autobuilt.
>     Christopher> Perhaps some of the packages just don't compile
>     Christopher> cleanly, so they aren't being built.
> I sort of doubt it.

I just noticed this and wonder about my own package:

* powstatd-crypt 1.5.1-1 (currently 1.5-1) (extra) (non-US) (low)

    * Maintainer: Peter S Galbraith <psg@debian.org>
    * powstatd-crypt uploaded 51 days ago, out of date by 41 days!
    * out of date on alpha: powstatd-crypt (from 1.5-1)
    * not considered

I thought it was because alpha wasn't autobuilding non-US, but if
that's not the case I'd like to figure out what's wrong.  Any
build failure logs anywhere?


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