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Re: Anyone willing to autobuild for non-us

On 19 Jun 2001, Sam Hartman wrote:

> O, please do tell me how to install my build dependencies using fakeroot.

Ugh...thought that the build-deps might already be installed...sorry...

> I sort of doubt it.  Between krb5 1.2.2-4 (builds fine for alpha and
> is currently in testing) and krb5 1.2.2-5, I made no source changes.
> In fact all I did is remove some debconf templates, simplify the
> postinst/config script and depend on krb5-config in the control file.
> That shouldn't break alpha builds.
> Neither that package nor any of my other recent uploads (or uploads of
> other MIT developers) have been built for alpha, even when previous
> versions of the package built fine.
> If the package fails to compile, it would be nice if the autobuilders
> could get around to sending a build log within a month (it's been
> waiting 32 days to go into testing).  In the past I've been prompt
> debugging architecture problems once I'm aware of them.

I can test-build it here, but can't upload it (at least you'll know if it
builds).  Also, it is possible that it no longer compiles due to changes
in system header files (from 2.2->2.4).  There have been many things that
now fail to compile that once compiled fine with 2.2 headers, but since
ports always have problems getting patches into the kernel source...


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