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Re: Anyone willing to autobuild for non-us


I'm new here.

till end of this week I have Alpha with Debian.. so if it's still needed I can
recompile things with autobuilder. Personally I don't have time for any problems

Anyway. If there is need for this I can try to do that.

But I have to admit that in the next week my Alpha will return to True64.
Just I wanted to test this machine with kernel 2.4.x and Linux.

One more think. I'm not maintainer yet. And don't have time to end new maintainer
process with my default package..

mail me if you're interested.

Artur Górniak <josh@josh.wcss.wroc.pl>

 IRCNET: ArchieI, Joshy, GJosh   irc.openprojects.net: ArchieI   joshy@irc.pl
 CHANS:  #radosc, #debian-pl     CHANS: #debian-pl
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