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Re: tulip driver 2.4.x kernel

I have a DE-500-AA ethernet card on a PC164 motherboard with 500Mhz 21164A 
Alpha chip.  I purchased this turnkey from Microway.  It has worked fine with 
all kernels up until 2.4.x.  Then it fails both with de4x5 and tulip drivers.

On Thursday 21 June 2001 11:29 am, you wrote:
> I have run all but 2.4.3 on my XP1000's, with the tulip driver
> (not the generic driver for 2114x cards). The driver has some troubles
> doing autonegotiate to a (sick) lucent p120 switch, but seems ok
> with the hp-procurve. What box and what switch do you use?
> usually you have to force ewa0 into fast-fd and force the switch
> fast-fd to get it working right.
> berkley

James D. Freels, P.E._i, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
freelsjd@ornl.gov - work
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