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problems with milo boot

First of all, i'm a newbie of this list and i don't speak english very
well, sorry in advance.

I'm working with Digital Alphasever XL 266 and i'm trying to install debian
linux on it. The server are still runing a milo version that  i don't know
wich distribution is.
I want to install debian, I make floppies from rescue.bin root.bin
driver-1.bin and driver-2.bin.

I try to boot with this command.

boot  fd0:linux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

rescue disk run well, but when the system says me that i need to put
root.bin, the system crash with a panic error, that says me that "ufs" is
not specified and the system can't be mounted

i try to put the argument -t ext2 but this also crash.

What i need to do?


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