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Re: problems with milo boot

On Tuesday, 19 Jun, Ferran Fabregas/UPC wrote:
> boot  fd0:linux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

I remember something about adding prompt_ramdisk=1 , but I don't know if
it really makes any difference.

> rescue disk run well, but when the system says me that i need to put
> root.bin, the system crash with a panic error, that says me that "ufs" is
> not specified and the system can't be mounted

You actually put root.bin in the floppy drive, don't you?  Is the disk you
are using reliable?  Bad blocks and read errors are not well detected and
may cause strange diagnostic messages.

> i try to put the argument -t ext2 but this also crash.

Actually, root.bin is compressed; the kernel should detect this, unpack
root.bin and mount the resulting image.

> it runs well and it list the directory contents, but if I execute "ls
> fd0:/" with root.bin o drivers disks milo says me that the ufs is not
> recognized and he can't mount filesystem.

MILO can't read compressed filesystems.


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