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Re: NumLock

> On Apr 04, Britton illuminated with a virtual pen  :

> Do you really need to start it in every run level, or just the one in
> which will be operating (which I assume is run level 2, since that is what
> /sbin/runlevel reports as the run level on my system)?
either or.  I put it in all, just to be complete.
I think debian defaults to runlevel 2,3,4,5 being equivelant anyways ...

> Also, I'm told you can just put a link with name like Slocal_hacks in for
> example rc2.d and it will come after all links with numbers (since
> characters follow numbers).  This seems handy to me when I just want
> things to happen after everything else in ordinary boot, expecailly since
> somr of the rc directories already have S99 entries.
Having multiple entries with the same number is not a problem.

> > Now my question, how does one do the same with X?
> I suppose you know about .xsession.
*nod* i do, however setleds complains about not being on a vitual console :(

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