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ANNOUNCE: ccc installer package


I have made a ccc installer package like the ones for libots, cpml and
cxml.  I just uploaded it, so it's in incoming, and you can also get it
from http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/compaq/ .

The only hangup I can find is that the sml and rsml man pages go into
/usr/man in the RPM, but Debian's man does not look there or in
/usr/share/man so man sml or rsml turns up empty.  I can link them from
another section, if someone would suggest one.  There seem to be
references to /usr/man/sml.gz and /usr/man/rsml.gz in the ccc man page,
so "man ccc" gives an error because they're missing.  But making the
links from /usr/man gives a lintian error...

So I'm leaving it without those manpages for now.  Oh well.

Also, as I've mentioned before, it depends on gcc-2.95, so it won't
install on a potato system.  This is so I can specify the gcc directory
and dependency explicitly, and it won't break on gcc upgrade.  Oh well.

It installs without comp.config, then runs create-comp-config.sh to
generate it, and it seems to generate just fine, so we don't need to
patch comp.config.  It passes the "hello world" test, but I haven't
pushed it beyond that yet.

Try it, push it hard, share and enjoy, etc.

Coming next week: cfalrtl and cfal, then test with PETSc, then on to cxx
and ladebug...  Maybe someone else can do Q's Java stuff?  (BTW, can
mozilla use Q's JVM?  Is it high-performance?  If no, not much
motivation to build it.)


-Adam P.

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