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Re: Dekstation Raptor Reflex

> On Sep 14, Paul Slootman scratched in indelible ink :

> I beg to differ, I once witnessed a motherboard commit suicide.
> The NiCad cell had leaked and corroded the conductors within the
> multilayer PCB. It finally shorted out the powerlines _within_
> the layers of the PCB, which was some spectacular fireworks.
> Yes, I happened to see it (my case is never closed, and the
> speakers started making lots of noise so I ran to see what the
> matter was). That was the end of my 386.
(no) thanks for reminding me of what I did to a 486sx25 once.  RUnning quite
happily at 50MHz (with a fan on top) till .... the damn battery ate away the
motherboard providing my friends and I a brief bit of entertainment as the
486-ina-pizza-box went on it's merry way.

/Jp..  wondering whether we should rename the list ....
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