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Re: Dekstation Raptor Reflex

Jean-Paul Blaquiere (japester@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au) wrote:

> I have someone offering me a Desktation Raptor Reflex (433MHz 21164) but the
> literature says it's an NT specific machine? 
> Does this mean that I cannot run linux on it, or do I just have to put up with
> Alphabios (or equivelant) and milo?
> I have had a quick-ish look through alphalinux.org and workstation.digital.com, but there
> seems to be a minimal amount of info around.
> if anyone has any experience with these machines, I would appreciate the info.

No it will not run Linux. This system has ARCS BIOS (note the "S") and
cannot run Linux by itself. The Ruffian (which also has ARCS BIOS) has a
tool to load MILO (to load Linux...) that works. However the Raptors
never had this tool, Deskstation went out of business, and the needed
docs were never released AFAIK. 

As Rich said in a previous mail, ARCS BIOS is dead and no longer being
maintained - perhaps someone should do that? There are a lot of Ruffians
out there!  

However if you want to buy it purely for the hack value, it would be
interesting to see Linux up and going on these. 

Ohh and another big reason not to buy it is the fact it uses True Parity
memory. That crap is EXPENSIVE! You basiclly have to sell your
car to afford some... :'( 

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